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Full Day

Boy am I tired. I went to TWO classes today at school. I am wiped.

Went to regular choir first, which was really fun of course. I forgot to write down what we sang but I’m sure it was fun. Tuesday is our full hour rehersal, so it is like a real block! Then I got pushed/shoved/driven to Spanish class, which is always fun! We watched a movie (a very strange movie at that), which doesn’t take much concentration at all. Sooo basically I didn’t really do anything seriously difficult or challenging today.

Kick it Old School

Yesterday was the best day. I went back to school for the first time in over a year and half. I’m very proud of myself, even though I am only taking Choir (standard and jazz!) and Spanish 12, and SIDES (distance education) English 11. Its still enough. I’m tired, but mostly from hugging a bunch of people and from singing!

It was perfect, the hot, stuff, over-crowded choir room, just like I remembered. There were so many people in choir; suddenly, after struggling to get members for all these years, choir was suddenly cool again. It was great to see so many people there. There were so many little kids there- well at least little to me! They were our buddies at some point. They are my friends ‘baby’ brothers and sisters. Have we grown up that much too? I don’t really remember what we sang, but I’m sure it was wonderful! We probably started with out ‘MMMings‘ and our ‘Moo-ings‘ a ‘Zaaings‘, as we do for our usual warm up. We got the whole barnyard symphony in our little choir room.

I saw so many people who I hadn’t seen in way over a year. They still looked the same, a little older, a little taller, a little louder, but still the people I grew up with and grew to love. I’m so happy to see them! You guys rock!

I got to see alot of my teachers as well, which was wonderful! I’m used to seeing quite alot of them, and not seeing them feels off. They really are most excellent teachers and I hope to get back to alot of other courses soon. Who can say when…

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