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Up to Batt!

My family doctor (who deals with my non-Lyme illnesses, if I ever get such a thing) suggested that because I have never had a psychological evaluation, and have been sick for so long with many neurological symptoms, that I should see a psychologist. He was very clear that he didn’t think I was crazy, just because I had Lyme disease, but anyone, especially a young person, who suffers a chronic illness probably suffers because there life has been changed so much. So bright and early this morning we went to see a psychologist downtown. The verdict: I’m officially not crazy. Yay! I suppose that just means I have a whole whack of serious neurological problems, which is not so much fun.

We went window shopping around the lower Johnson St. area, where a large portion of eco-friendly and locally owned businesses. It’s kind of uncomfortable doing yoga in lingerie with under-wire and lace (it’s fun to be girly!), so I was looking for an alternative to that. And just browsing.

After resting for awhile in the early afternoon, we headed on down to Knotty By Nature, the incredible fiber arts store in Victoria. I was looking to create a little hand-spun accessory for my lovely yoga teachers (can’t say what in case they read this!). The amazing and talented artists who own and work at KBN helped me pick about 5.5 oz of fibers that would blend well together: local wool, alpaca, and mohair, hemp, and bamboo fibers. KBN has drum carders people can use to blend the different fibers together into a batt, something easy to spin with. There are also wheel for customer use, and looms to rent or use there. It’s a pretty incredible place. This was my first art batt, and I’m really excited to start working with it. Dreamy softness, warmth, incredible caramel-y brown colors. Mum helped me turn the handle of the drum carder machine in order to blend the different textures together in order to have a more uniform yarn. I am exhausted from all this work and moving and thinking, so I am looking forward to just resting tonight.

A La Mode

Today was averagely cold and wintery, but I feel quite sure that spring is on the way, at least by the calendar it is! I still have a hell of a time getting up in the morning, which kind of throws my whole day off. It makes the mornings really tough, I guess because I’m semi-conscious…anyways. I had my PICC line dressing changed today which is always oodles and oodles of fun! NOT! I mean it beats it getting all horridly icky and disgusting and infected, but still not as much fun as eating ice cream on a beach. But we’re getting there!! We bought some of this skin protectant stuff, which goes under the big, clear band-aide to kind of heal and (as the name suggests) ‘protect’ the skin from the horrible icky tape! Pretty sweet and exciting, which gives you a pretty good idea how interesting life is these days. And yet, I digress…

We went to Target, which is like a really colorful everything store in the States (for you Canadians, eh) and we went around and I ran my hands through a hole bunch of racks which is so relaxing and normal, so much for. I bought the movie, ‘Get Smart’ which apparently I found hilarious when I watched it the first time. I can’t actually comment on whether or not the movie was funny, because I don’t remember even though I watched it last night, but Steve Carrel is in it, so it’s bound to be pretty sweet! 
My auntie Nancy is coming for a visit tomorrow aparently which is way exciting! She was in Victoria house sitting somewhere which is nice. I’m kinda stoked to be honest. It’s nice to have people visit, but it’s hard cause I know that they get to go home, and I don’t, which is actually quite childish I know, but I’m gonna play the ‘I’m sick’ card, which makes a pretty good get-out-of-jail-free doesn’t it.
Ta ta for now! I miss you all so much!
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