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A Good Night’s Sleep : An Epic Tale (2good2Btrue!)

WEll, last night/morning, those with a medical degree and very poor listening skills, decided that it would be a genius and helpful thing to get me to do a sleep study. I have numerous reasons why this plan is flawed (oh! I feel like a debater! Colleen’s rubbing off on me! Now I’m gonna present a logical argument that will KICK ass (and logic too probably).

1. The nature of an insomniac is to *gasp* not sleep, which generally means that attaching electrodes all over someone’s head, face, chest, stomach and ankles will not help.
2. Short term memory does actually mean I will periodically forget where I am and why there are electrodes taped all over me, and royally freak out.
3. Strangers coming in my room will also make me royally freak out.
4. I hallucinate. I foresee some problems…
4. I cannot sleep in a room if there are other people awake near me, or in the same room.
5. Spying on someone with sever paranoia and hallucinations is not the best move.
6. As was previously mentioned, I am an insomniac, and telling me to fall asleep within the next two hours, or the last six would have been for nothing, probably won’t help.
As you can imagine, it did not go well. Well no shit Sherlock! It was very uncomfortable and very stressful! I was in for a double sleep study, which would have meant I was supposed to be there for about 24 hours in total, all night and all morning till the afternoon! Fun!! Pulling an all-nighter wouldn’t have been out of the question for me, so we left at like 5 in the morning, and drove the 45 minutes home. So basically I’m pretty tired today. Haahaa!
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