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Mr. Max Comes to Town

trying to make Maxwell laugh!

Jenn and Andrew and Mr. Max came down to visit over the weekend, and the family had a lovely afternoon together. Max is the sweetest little dude, and he’s growing up so quickly. It feels like he’s ready to take off running or mountain biking any day now :P. I love it when he chatters away to himself in a conversational tone. I wish we didn’t live so far away from everyone…I am getting so used to being able to see everyone all the time. I quite like it!

Amy left this morning and on the train and is en-route back to Ottawa. It was so amazing to be able to visit with her this weekend. I miss my big cuz already. She is just a few clicks away, I know, but Skype just isn’t the same as being able to see someone clearly and have their voice normal, not robo-tized :P.

What with all this relaxing and afternoons of chatting, I have been knitting up quite a storm! I am becoming a regular knitting machine. I have finished so many armbands that I’m kind of losing count. The latest colorway I’ve titled ‘Seascape‘, in reference to the waters off Vancouver Island, and make me a wee bit homesick. Our stay is drawing to a close though, so I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune in a few days.


Flying Higher

hand mudras for sleep

We are in Toronto, to see my Lyme doctor who is going to the ILADS conference, and the rest of my family, who live in this general area. I am so drained after the flight.

Toronto is HUGE, and I am feeling very small-town right now. I miss being able to look at the top of buildings without craning my neck all the way back.

The flight went well enough, although the altitude always makes me feel very sick. I have a killer sore throat and am having trouble swallowing. Nothing a little oregano oil won’t nab, but this is an all-time quickest infection rate. I missed choir practice last night as I was feeling so low and my throat was in so much pain.

The benefits of sitting in the bulk head on the lovely WestJet were felt as soon as Mum and I started doing yoga. Because the computer was with us, we could do a full asana practice, and it was like the lovely Michelle was with us too! Made the flight that much quicker and more peaceful.

Happy Halloween!

Its never been my favorite holiday. Even as I child, I found it just so obscenely commercial and irksome. I don’t need the end of October to dress up in funny clothes and eat candy, thank you very much; I do that just fine often enough as it is!

 My mum went to visit a fellow Lymie, David, in Toronto today, and I was going to go with her, but I couldn’t get into his house. Gramma is looking after me now. We are staying at her house, in a town outside of Toronto; there are stair lifts now so i can get up to the second floor, and the bathroom! We took out old albums of when Gramma and Grampa were my age, which was really cool to see. They were high-school sweethearts and had been in the same class since grade 9, and started falling in love around grade 11. There are some adorable pictures of them, arm and arm, and goofing off places. It is strange, looking at them so young, I find that I look very much like my grandfather, and that my mum and aunt look so much like Gramma. It is harder to see now that they are older. Looking at them when they were my age, I can imagine that we all might have got along very well  haa haa haa.

I’ve started knitting some truly vintage gloves. The wool is from the 60’s, according to Gramma, and is a pink mohair/wool/acrylic blend, and the pattern looks very weathered. Judging from the illustration on the front and the kind of paper it is made from, I’d say it was older!

I am sick, with a cold, and with an increase in my Lyme symptoms. When I close my eyes, I think that my joints must be swollen double the size, judging from how they throb, but I am surprised to see that they look perfectly normal. That is the curse of Lyme- no physical symptoms. Nothing they can measure with either stick or machine. 

I feel like a jack-o-lanter; all lit up with a smile but with no insides, hollowed out.

Apparently it is Halloween, and I have chosen a unique costume. I’m a Teenager, dressed in the typical knit sweater, t-shirt, and yoga pants that is so common for youth of the ’10’s. Down to the deep rose nail polish I have the right look.
                  I’d like to fit the part.

Break Things

I’m in California. I have arrived. I actually thought I’d just curl up on the plane and stay there, travel the world on a Unite Express. Hopefully they were headed for the tropics. Somewhere where the sun blots out all the shadows, and tans excellently.

I was exhausted when I woke up this morning, which never bodes well for a busy day.

I had to transfer so many times today. House. Car. Out of Car. Bathroom. Airport Chair. Aisle Chair. Seat. Walk to the Bathroom. Back. Aisle Chair. Wheelchair. Car. Car. House.  I may have missed a few transfers there, but you get the general idea. Going up up up made me feel sick too, so nauseous. You know that feeling when you take of, and for a moment you get so heavy, before your weightless (it happens in elevators too)? That feeling drives me mad.

But we’re in a hotel now. And its quiet now. And there is no moving. I feel so nervous about tomorrow. With a hand on my heart, I wonder what it will be like to have plastic under it, in just a few hours time. The idea makes me want to break things.

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