Groovy Colored Pills!!

The ceiling is not all rough, so I can’t pick shapes out of the sky. There are no little holes in the ceiling, or grooves, like a doctors office, so I can’t count dots. I can’t connect them either. This makes late night ceiling meditation difficult and too boring. Obviously! 

My joints are going through a I-am-so-pissed-at-you-I-am-going-to-make-your-life-hellish faze. Swollen knees makes it so hard to walk, that when I get up in the night, I usually crawl to where ever I need to go, so I don’t fall and rearrange my face. Hard choice: dignity or bruises. I’m valuing them both more and more. 
I started a new drug. I have no idea what it’s called but it’s a little red pill and tastes icky. I think (but I could be dancing on the moon) that this is for the Bartonella in my brain, which-take it from me!-is some nasty shit. Bartonella is a co-infection of lyme and is contracted the same way, the bite of a tick. Ew. It causes fatigue, restlessness, anger problems, pain, liver and spleen problems, abdominal pain, granulomatous hepatitis (swollen tissue mass). One to six weeks after its ‘established’, Bartonella can present various (and serious) neurological symptoms. And oh golly, oh lucky me, I got some!! Lyme doctors say that it causes my frequent blackouts, ‘intense’ short term memory loss and long term patchy memories, speech loss problems, deep pain on the soles of my feet, hallucinations, blinding headaches, cognitive dysfunction, seizures and involuntary body motions. Bartonella can also cause rashes, loss of vision,  osteomyelitis (bone marrow inflamation), osteolytic lesions (softening of the bone, arthritis , endocarditis (swelling of the heart wall), and cardiomegaly (enlargement of the heart). The ‘co-infections’, to me cause me the worst bother of all, and make treating just ‘Lyme’, more complicated. I have 2 co-infections, Babesia and Bartonella on top of Lyme, which unfortunately is quite common. And that is quite enough technical nonsense for one moment. 
In short, Bartonella, is ICKY! And I personally think it deserves just as much hate as Lyme 😀 !
Anyways…I painted my nails pink to match my LIME GREEN toes. It was practically HOT here today!! I understand about those CRAZY people in Ontario who wear sundresses when its 36 F. Because it has been cold for so long that 55 F practically is HOT! Isn’t it strange how quickly we change? 

3 Comments on Groovy Colored Pills!!

  1. Amy Charlotte
    December 4, 2008 at 4:03 am

    HAHA Finally you understand us crazy Ontarians! Bundle up! Love you baby girl. Keep truckin’.

  2. Robin
    December 6, 2008 at 8:57 am

    Dear Nicole, Bartonella is a tough one. Lauren, your Hawaii Lyme compatriot, has Bartonella and Babesia co-infections too along with Erichliosis. All I can say is that, although Lauren hasn’t gotten rid of all the co-infections yet, she has certainly made headway. You will too!!! Lauren conquered the hallucinations. She sleeps through the night, can read almost all the time, doesn’t have to crawl anymore (knock on wood) and is getting to school part time. Hang in there, do what you need to do (so, so hard), and you will get better. You will go back to Victoria and pick up your life. It takes times and patience but you can do it. From what I have read on your blog, you are that kind of girl. Aloha, Robin (A Hawaii Hawk family friend)

  3. Jenn Ryan
    December 7, 2008 at 11:20 pm

    Hey Nicole,

    I hope you’re kicking that Bartonella’s ass as we speak. I hear you FINALLY got the wheelchair and it sounds as though your mom thinks it’s working a bit better than the old one.

    You’ll be happy to not be in Toronto this weekend… it has to be -19C with the windchill! I’m thinking of you as I hibernate with a bowl of soup and vacuum Rocket’s back (much better than brushing!). Take care Shorty,

    Love Jenn 🙂


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