A Summation of a few (more) Boring Days

A few days ago I had an ultrasound, which isn’t the worst test to have, but it still is kinda uncomfy…you know with all that hot icky gunk they spread on your tummy and them having to push hard into your stomach and back to take the pictures. I know they say everyone is beautiful on the inside, but that is like complete bullshit. I’ve seen my insides, on that flat plasma screen at the doctor, and let me tell you my appendix and spleen are butt ugly! Completely disgusting! Eww…internal organs!! But on the plus side I’m pretty sure that they are doing okay, which is a bonus really! I can forgive them for being ugly as long as they keep doing their job!

Yesterday, I got my hair cut, which is always a sure way to perk up my day! My hair still fall out a whole hell of a lot, like I’m losing my winter coat before spring has even arrived, and I guess it’s a combination of thyroid ‘issues’ and pills. I used to have really thick curly hair and now it’s just a shadow of its former self. 
Today was pretty dull. Had my dressing changed, and had blood taken and the usual shit. We went to the library and picked up a whole wack of movies which will be fun. It’s funny when I first started getting sick, I would watch movies all day, and even though I felt so shitty, it was really fun. The novelty of getting to watch daytime movies wares off very quickly I can tell you! Very very very quickly.
Yawn. I’m still so tired. It’s like I never get enough sleep (which is probably true) and I’m not up long enough to fully wake up (again probably true). I’m going to play Scrabble now, which I really look forward too. It’s fun, honest!

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  1. Lisa
    February 18, 2009 at 2:25 am

    Hi Nicole!
    Wow, you’re a great writer! You know that? I think when your back here in Victoria and at school you should join our writing class. You’d be a perfect addition!
    Hey you play scrabble too! I love Scrabble, I remember playing cards a lot with you but never Scrabble! That goes on our to-do list when we chill the next time.
    Oohh.. haircut! I love haircuts, as long as you have a good hairdresser. I want photos missy!
    Until we meet again, stay strong and know we always (like seriously ALWAYS) think and talk about u! I’m serious when I say not a day goes by when ur not brought into the conversation! Yesterday we were saying how every morning we walk down the stairs to the Gudewill building and look at the bench expecting to see you. we know one morning we will see you and u’ll never be let out of our sight! Today we were talking about the song Lets Call the Whole Thing Off and in the song it talks about different pronounciations of words! Your crazy way of saying ‘fire’ and ‘tomato’ and ‘potato’ and stuff!
    See you soon! Chin up chica!
    Lots of love
    ~ Lisa xoxoxoxo

  2. Anonymous
    February 18, 2009 at 4:52 am

    I want pictures too… you can email them if you like, rather than posting them all over the web. Seriously though. Take ’em from the back if you’re going to be stubborn about it. 😛
    Haha! Whoever said your insides looked cool has an odd sense of cool. Ew. Like a lot ew. As in, I’d be the one passed out on the floor ew.
    And I agree. Scrabble. Very cool. Although I recently played with my roommate’s ex-bf and he’s the editor of a newspaper. I think I might’ve lost by triple digits. Brutal!!! Lol. A lot like playing with you when I get my butt handed to me…
    Ok, kid… I love you! And I’ll talk to you soon. All, AND I MEAN ALL MY LOVE,
    xoxoxo Amy aka fav big cousin. 😛

  3. Anonymous
    February 18, 2009 at 5:29 am

    Talking about insides reminds me of our fish dissection in gr.7.
    We were so into that fish.

    – Stray-ita

  4. Sierra
    February 18, 2009 at 9:28 pm

    Did I ever mention how much I love you?
    Voy a ir a Barcelona manana. Yo no olvido nuestras classes de espanol.. y nuestras musica espanola. Noche de Sexo..
    Te Amo

  5. nicola
    February 20, 2009 at 1:06 am

    HOY ES NOCHE DEEE SEEXXXOO YCOMPLETAN LAS FANASTIES!!! wwwoooooo that song is like fricken hilarious! have fun in bareelona babe!

  6. daisysmum
    February 22, 2009 at 12:43 am

    Hi Nicole,

    I hope you found some great movies to watch. We think of you every single day, and I cannot believe how long it’s been since we last saw you, and your mom. We sure miss you. I wish you were closer so that we could at least stop in and be of some use! Are you watching the Oscars tomorrow? Being such a (perhaps unwilling) movie expert these days. I love losing myself in that stuff – a guilty pleasure!
    I am super-glad your ugly internals are functioning beautifully. It’s a victory for you ever bit of health, and humor and sarcasm for your situation that is most unfair and challenging, don’t forget to stop and give yourself a pat on the back for how you are handling things. Not just anyone can be how *you* are being Nicole. Be proud, I think everyone else around you is.

    Love to you and your mom (tell your mom I have an email coming to her as well, she is pretty incredible too).

    xx Emma (Daisy, Molly and Patrick too!(


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