More Shots.

They poked more holes in me today. They also came back on last Wednesday and Friday, just to shoot me up again. I do NOT think it is working, and would greatly appreciate NOT being injected with B12 every other day…

I think I am so unlucky that it is almost, strangly enough, lucky. Of all the billions of biting bugs in the world, I got bit by one of the millions of ticks, and that tick was fortunate enough to carry Lyme disase. That takes a serious amount of bad luck or coordination to pull off, don’t you think?

1 Comment on More Shots.

  1. Lisa P.
    July 21, 2009 at 6:11 pm

    you’ve always been skilled at coordination! a tick got you, so ya deal with it! you’re a strong girl and you show that tick and all its bugs what you’re made of! show them who’s boss and show them it takes one tough cookie to put up with Lyme! and you da lady!

    stay cool my California girlie! can’t wait to see you soon! xo

    ~ Lisa


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