OH Blahblahblah

Amy and I went to Chapters and Starbucks the other day. It was so much fun! We had lattes together and then hit the shelves running (no, really, shes a good driver!). We were good little girls too and didn’t buy any books. It rained like crazy on the way there, like I’m talking wipers-on-full-blast-and-still-cant-see-shit-and-cant-hear-the-person-in-the-drivers-seat loud and wet. Just ridiculous.

Yesterday, we came back from ‘up’ Ontario, in some small town. We drove like 4 or 5 hours (each way may I add) and stayed overnight in the only hotel in the village. We were there to take in the scenery and recharge. (HA! OMG I know you almost believed me!!). Actually I was lying and we were there to see a doctor (I know…just shaking it up a bit! Life gets so predictable sometimes!). He was nice and minimally poked and prodded, which instantly makes him a good doctor! We went to a ‘Crabby Joe’s’ for dinner (for you West Coaster, its like a White Spot) and someone my aunt and mom when to school with (grade 7 thought 12) was there with her husband, and they hadn’t seen her in like forever, so they joined our table and had dinner together. They were really nice, Nancy and Bret, and super friendly and all. 
I am super tired. Today Amy and I went to Stitches at the mall and I bought pants which is tres exciting because I have 2 pairs of pants to my name and I wear them ALL THE TIME so they can never get washed (well not actually. I do wash them. Only I don’t like to really because then I can’t wear them. Its a big dilemma really). We went in a whole bunch of other shoppes (oh the British spellings make me laugh) and had fun! My joints hurt so much today, especially my knees, elbows and fingers, so typing this really hurts. I also feel super nauseous, which for all my pain handling strength, I have zero tolerance for nausea. Alas! I guess I haven’t been nauseous long enough haha
It was so sunny today. And it still is light out even at 7:30. I’d like to go outside, but I can see this HUGE swarm of icky bugs outside and I don’t like bugs. Eww bugs. 

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  1. Lisa
    May 14, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    hey Nicole! you sound super busy these days! hope ontario is suiting you well, although i think its better than being here at the moment. yesterday it was 7 degrees C (don’t know F translation) and it was really windy and rainy and grey. just gross!

    haha, i know how much you hate bugs! you used to freak if there was a bug in the classroom!

    mmmm… white spot! crabby joe’s sounds good, i’ve seen some ads on TV and they always make my mouth water!

    i’ve been e-mailing you so check your mailbox! byw, i need your new address in Ontario! how else will i send you cards?

    love you chica!

    ~ Lisa Pommelet


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