What if…

‘What if…’ has got to be two of the scariest words out there. It opens up a whole new web of possibilities to stumble into and can make even the most sane people paranoid.

example: What if I walked to the fridge to pour myself some milk and right while I was standing there, a gust of wind blew a tree over and it hit the house and hit me, standing there minding my own business? Or what if this piece of fish was poisoned back at the shop by some deluded psychopathic killer? What if on this very average day, something extraordinary happened that will change a ridiculous amount of my life, when the event was just so ordinary to begin with!! Walking around in the woods…who would have known right?

I mean, do you follow?

It seems wholly unfair. Brutal. Thank goodness we’re just talking hypothetically of course. Ha!

I get the feeling that it is the little ‘what ifs’ and ordinary days, that – once you have enough of them in a lifetime – turn into something special. Well, if not special, peculiar then.

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  1. Lisa P.
    June 1, 2009 at 6:24 pm

    hey Nicole.

    simply don’t worry. trust life and if something happens, you deal with it. and the odds of anything like that happening, are so unbelievably small.

    just enjoy life sweetie!



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