“April in Paris. That’s where I wanna be…”

It was such a blustery day today, that one would almost feel it was possible to be blown over.

I also am getting sick. Regular sick, for a change. My throat feels like a crazed feline has been using my larynx as a scratching post all day now. To be honest, I find the common cold extremely irksome, even with everything I’ve been through. We can send people to the moon, know whats in the center of the Earth, and yet the common cold defeats us. Typical. 

Choir this morning, but since we’re quite and thoroughly out-of-the-loop, the time had changed for 45 minutes later. Such is life though. I sat through the boys sectional in a daze that only a handful of pills and a sleep hangover can. But of course it was awesome to see everyone. Seeing them is sort of like stepping into a color movie from an old black-and-white silent film. Jarring, but in an OMG kind of way, if you follow me.

Lisa came with me to LifeLabs (gag. donation time. I feel like a good Samaritan. pity they can’t use the leftover blood). and then we whipped around the mall for awhile. I was feeling pretty shitty for the rest of the afternoon though. I’ve been having a barrel of laughs doing pretty much nothing.

I have some awesome news. First, please get a happy little image of me doing a complete victory dance with a little chant of ‘ra ra ra’, to go along with it. Apparently, I have finished all the ‘Provincially Mandated Thingies’ that I have to do for Math 11, so I am finished with that. Seriously, I can finally appreciate doing all that extra, annoying, hard work at GNS. Finally, some short-term pay-off. Not that I don’t like math. Because, really, I do. But only the math you can’t actually use (trig, calc, graph things!, geometry/angles). I’ll be sure to take more useless math as an adult grad, so no worries.

So now just history. That doesn’t seem to bad really. I’ve looked over the course work, but there are so much words that I can’t really think about and it makes my head hurt a little. I am going to meet with my teacher tomorrow, so that should be good. I’m just a little off the beaten track here. My Canadian history isn’t as good as it should be, but I’m moderately clear on WW 1 and 2.

1 Comment on “April in Paris. That’s where I wanna be…”

  1. daisysmum
    May 18, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    That’s fantastic Nicole – keeping plugging away. I like that math as well 🙂 Perhaps there’s a computer programmer wanting to get out! My Canadian history was never good either, I think I must have had a boring teacher, because whoever taught us Russian history – now there was something I did well at. I guess Canada needs a few czars.
    Thinking of you as always Nicole, glad to see you writing xxx


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