Cake cake cake!

Well, it was a considerable amount of work, but the carrot cake is currently cooling, and the kitchen is in complete chaos. I think we dirtied ever spoon and measuring cup we posses, plus a pot, several cans, a blender and many bowls. Wow. An all time record, I think.

Personally, I don’t believe in this nonsense about cooling a cake before you eat it. I mean, it is best straight from the pan, right? Gotta save this cake for ma birthday, though. Alas, it is a circular cake, which means you can’t even cut off one end without anyone noticing, like you can a rectangular cake! I ate some of the batter (don’t worry, it’s vegan), which was super spiced and delicious, but its not the same. I ate some of the hot frosting too (coconut cream!), and licked out all the bowls and spoons, so I think I have a pretty decent idea of what it will all taste like. Once the flavors settle I think it will be magnificent.

I have been busily searching for a recipe online that looked like it contained normal ingredients, low in sugars, and vegan. It was not easy, and it make me super hungry looking at all the pictures.

Today I also made the Phad Thai sauce required for tomorrows dinner. I “measure” with my nose, because I know how it should smell and how it should end up texture wise. A combination of (organic) ketchup, soya sauce, lime juice, corn starch, tamarind juices, and thai chillies. Fish sauce is usually a phad thai staple, but I used a little more soy sauce to cover that. Boy I just can’t wait to try it!
I am exhausted from all that hard work (Mum did all the real work, I just sort of supervised), and am ready to rest, contented that it will all taste delicious!

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