AH! It seems like we’re there way to often, but so is the way.
I feel like a waste of time and resources. They look at us funny when we say that we are at ER to get a Huber needle changed. They are like, well dummies, why don’t you just ask your doctor…do it as an outpatient thing?? Ah. Good point. Interesting question. Well of COURSE we would. There is, however, a slight snag.

What doctor? If you can believe it, no doctor wants to take me on, to help me, because doing so would seriously jeopardize their medical licence. I know its insane, but this is what we’re facing.

This week we were lucky; only 2 hours in ER and no parking tickets. Why that’s barely a few chapters of an audiobook!

It isn’t exactly made for comfort, the ER. It is very exhausting; the bright lights, loud noises, awkward positions etc.

I cannot stress enough how long this procedure takes; minutes. And few of them. Pull the needle out, stick it back it. Tada. It is so ridiculous.

Today, I even made it to afternoon choir practice, which was pretty awesome! It was amazing to see everyone, and sing. We’re singing some pretty sweet songs…

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  1. Lisa
    February 9, 2010 at 5:17 am

    you are the ER are going to be best buddies! seems like you’re a frequent visitor, you should suggest your own parking space or couch in the waiting room. just a thought…

    its so good to see you in choir too! love having you on my part for A Sunday Kind of Love! helps so much when someone can actually sing soprano and put up with my attempt! 🙂

    love ya darling!!
    ~ Lisa


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