Last Curtain Call

Celebrate the Arts is always the most highly anticipated concert. It usually involves several full days of running around McPherson Theater downtown, sneaking out to get bubble tea, gossiping until our ears and tongues rot off, hide-and-go-seek (the best location ever to play, hands down), and finding a quite corner to host intense card game championships. The onstage time is very minimal during the rehearsals, which are usually just cue-cue anyways, so keeping yourself out of trouble and un-bored for 8 hours, which has also become an art. It is the grand chaos of the school year, which marks the end of the years education, and is on the cusp of a taste of summer.

I didn’t attend the hours of practices. I missed out on the 8-3 gossip sesh and chaos. McPherson is an older theater, built for a time when disabled people were locked up at some white-washed-walls-country-asylum, needless to say getting a wheelchair around there would have been tricky. Because I wasn’t at the rehearsal, I wasn’t allowed at the performance, so I got to watch my first CTA, which was very exciting. It was a fantastic show!!!

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