A rehearsal kind of takes the fun out of all the chaos of the real thing, but I still feel certain that at Wednesday night’s graduation, it will still be pretty crazy backstage.

The practice was a 2 hour ordeal today at UVic was very tiring. I had to move around quite a bit, which was difficult. The auditorium isn’t terribly accessible, by modern standards, with very steeply sloping ramps, and tons of heavy doors, and a few stairs in odd places. We had to walk outside all the way around the building to reach a ramp to the top!

I started a new drug a week ago and have been feeling really awful; IV Doxycycline. The IV ball looks the size of a DD cup, and has 400mg’s of drug. Eww.  My knees look perfectly normal, but from the way they feel they aught to be ballooned right out and be stuck with thick quilting pins. My bones feel they are a harbor for earthquake shock-waves to roll in.

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