Happy Coincidence = Vistors

It seemed highly unlikely that of all the places to see an old friend from Victoria, Southern California would be the place. I’ve known Roy since we were in grade seven (or around then?), and we’ve been good friends for awhile now. How incredibly lucky is it that we ended up seeing a doctor in a) beautifully sunny SC and b) close to where Roy goes to school? LA looks pretty close by on a map, but Roy missed a few connections, and it ended up taking him close to three hours to get here!! The whole day was really just a comedy of errors. It always feels like a friend has been away too long, even if its only a few weeks! We had a few hours to catch up on news and chillax, which made me forget all my anxious anticipation of uncomfortable procedures in a few days. A laugh was just what I needed…certainly the best medicine!


Waiting for zee choo choo train (not to be confused with Roy the Cho-Cho Train :P)
After such an ardous trip to get here, it seemed the least we could do to take Roy back to San Capistrano’s train station. The place was very beautiful, and had a ‘time of the missions’ feel to it. A garden and brick oasis. The whistle of the trains is piercing…I have never heard it that close up before. I have a wooden whistle, which makes a train noise, from when I was a child, but it sounds rather comic in comparison.
You just never know when you are going to need a salad. I say it time and time again. Spinach holds the world together I tell you! Anyways, the sorbet place closed just as we strolled towards it. But luckily we even brought plates, so the four of us could tuck into salad, modern-picnic style. It was a perfect end to the day…very peaceful. 
Salad at the station
I am still very exhausted from traveling, my bones aching terribly, but I’m trying my best to just ignore it and smile. The beauty of Southern California is very different than my Northern childhood home. There are patches of hills and shrubland that lie as undeveloped fire-hazards. Houses don’t cover every square inch. There are cacti galore, and some lush vegetation, although the amount of water used to keep it like this must be extreme. Perhaps its just my original view, but there seem to be less SUV’s and more littler cars than the Bay Area. People walk around the towns in bikinis or trunks and barefeet. Its something out of a postcard, or straight out of a set of “Bay Watch”. I think I could get used to the heat, and lack of sweaters needed.

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  1. Anonymous
    July 26, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    How random! That’s super nice Roy could come visit! I hope you guys had fun!
    Love you!


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