Just a phase

I have been on the IV antibiotic meds for about 3 weeks, and was actually feeling relatively fine. No drop in my energy level, unexplained symptoms, or increase in symptoms, until Wednesday. Poop! Fun’s over. Now we are getting back to the real work: herxing.

Herxing is basically a few hours to a few days/weeks of pure hell, where your symptoms increase exponentially, and all the horrid crazy symptoms that are usually kept in check come out to wreak havoc on daily life. I was feeling rather faint and tired during the day on Wednesday, and a little less than peppy when Michelle came for our yoga practice. I could feel myself being sucked down by an invisible force, which I know to be borrelia (Lyme bugs) in my body acting out. They are attention seeker…and love to keep their hosts on their toes.

I am really enjoying singing with the Linden singers…the music is challenging and the people so lovely. There are two others spinners in the choir, and I am hoping that we can all get together and spin! One gal brought me some chiengora, or dog fur (the stuff that falls out when your dog is shedding!). It is super soft, like angora bunnies (hence the name), and much much warmer than wool, in fact, so warm that you have to mix it with other fibers. Wow. I am really excited to get working with that, but not sure when my next chance to hit the wheel will be.

After I got home from practice on Wednesday night, I started feeling that something was very wrong. Trembling inside. Cold and hot at the same time. And in a lot of pain. It was just the start of a bad herx. I felt like I might have an infection, something not Lyme-related, because of the chills and fevery feeling, but nope, just good ol’ Lyme in action :P.

I am having this weird things going on with food. I am so hungry all the time, but whenever I try to eat, I just can’t. Like literally can’t put food in my mouth without feeling anxious and awful. I feel like bursting into tears every time someone mentions eating. I am not really sure how to explain the feeling, because I haven’t really experienced this before and it is confusing. I think it is aggravated by the fact that I am super nauseous, and sporadic feel like I am going to be sick, but thankfully am not. Basically I have eaten a lot of potatoes over the past few days, which is usually my least favorite vegetables. For some reason mash potatoes with olive oil went down better than anything else. It’s just a phase, hopefully.

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