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Getting my hair cut, and putting on red lipstick is the sure thing to make me feel a little better. Looking well can almost fool me into thinking I am not sick, or not as sick. I have been so exhausted lately, which is why I haven’t been writing as often. Sometimes its disappointing to look at the topics I have to write about about whats been going on in my life and realize that there is only so much talk of ‘sleeping’ and audience can handle, until they follow suite.
I changed my blog profile picture to reflect the new do :P, but thought a picture of the severed hair was even cooler! This is my second donation of hair…but I haven’t had hair this short since I was a little girl! Its super light, and not (as) tangled! OH boy! It takes 10 donations of 10 inches + of hair in order to make one wig for a kid, which is a lot. There are number of serious cool organizations who give wigs away (usually they are quite expensive…$800-1000…lot of work involved) to children who can’t afford them. Angel Hair (in Canada) and Locks of Love (USA) are two organizations I know of…so if you have long hair and are thinking of chopping it off, please keep these organizations in mind!!

Over a foot…braided!

Although I registered online to vote months ago (a few days after my 18th birthday actually), we physically had to go into the voters office to put me on some voting list. Now, in less than a month when we all show up at the polls, I can just check the right box and leave. Simple. And very exciting…my first election. I don’t really believe the democratic process is that effective, nor the best system of government possible (of course…I don’t really have another suggestion except changing people to be basically good and honest, which as far as I’m aware isn’t a form of government?…). The office was in what used to be a primary school, and wasn’t very easy to get into. Now all that’s really left for me to do is research candidates. I feel obligated to check out every one’s little party blurb, even though I know I would never cast my ballot with their box checked. I do get the feeling that candidates really do say they will ‘change the world’ just before an elected. But maybe I am jaded, having lived in the USA and seen election scandals, and watched every recently elected president campaign for re-election beginning in the first few months of office. I have a feeling that if they could spend lots of money on elections, and if they were on a set date in Canada, the candidates would do the same things as our Southern neighbors. Its a homo sapien thing, not a country-specific behavior.

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