It’s A Jungle In There

My white and red blood cells formed such a large cohort that it’s been decided I’m going to go back on IV antibiotics. Oh joy! Last night we infused 1/16 of a dose (which apparently takes a lot of work to divide properly!), and it was so rough. My liver started throbbing like a subwoofer before the fractional dose had been infused all the way, always a sign of fun times ahead. Signs of ‘fun times while herx-ing’ may this week include: headache, heart palpations, all over throbbing and general pain, severe kidney pain (constant) and stabbing liver pains. Lucky me. I did my first dose of the IV Zithromax last night, and today my abdomen is loudly protesting. My liver have a diva complex, and it thinks that every time it raises a peep it should be heeded and the offending substance promptly removed from your prescription list. We’ll see if we have to take things that far, but hopefully the dynamic duo of liver and kidney pain will calm down enough to try another dose. That way we’ll know for sure. Isn’t this fun guys?!

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  1. larkspur funny farm
    March 12, 2014 at 12:26 am

    Sending Love and Light and I know the pain will lessen. Hugs my Dear One and hope all will be on the up swing very very soon.

    • Nicole Bottles
      March 12, 2014 at 2:23 am

      oh thank you so much grace. i really needed a hug <3. i’ll be up and SPINNING soon lol, which is an improvement on yesterday. sending love & light right back at ya :D.


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