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Mr. Max Comes to Town

trying to make Maxwell laugh!

Jenn and Andrew and Mr. Max came down to visit over the weekend, and the family had a lovely afternoon together. Max is the sweetest little dude, and he’s growing up so quickly. It feels like he’s ready to take off running or mountain biking any day now :P. I love it when he chatters away to himself in a conversational tone. I wish we didn’t live so far away from everyone…I am getting so used to being able to see everyone all the time. I quite like it!

Amy left this morning and on the train and is en-route back to Ottawa. It was so amazing to be able to visit with her this weekend. I miss my big cuz already. She is just a few clicks away, I know, but Skype just isn’t the same as being able to see someone clearly and have their voice normal, not robo-tized :P.

What with all this relaxing and afternoons of chatting, I have been knitting up quite a storm! I am becoming a regular knitting machine. I have finished so many armbands that I’m kind of losing count. The latest colorway I’ve titled ‘Seascape‘, in reference to the waters off Vancouver Island, and make me a wee bit homesick. Our stay is drawing to a close though, so I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune in a few days.


Travellers by Train

mint and vanilla
Cuz eating a vegan/gf cupcake with a smile ­čśŤ

It just so happened that Amy was able to come down from Ottawa and visit for 2 days this weekend, as she never has classes on Monday. Yay! She took the train down and arrived yesterday evening. We visited a little bit and relaxed at the condo, and then Amy went to stay at Gramma’s house, just down the block! Amy and I had girl time today when we went to pick up early-birthday cupcakes at Kind Food. Yay for girl time :). It is very exciting to be sharing a birthday (almost on the right date!) with my family, because we usually live so far away that this isn’t possible. I have spend a few birthdays with Amy, but obviously I’d love to see her everyday, and on my birthday :). She’s like my big sis, and I love that! 

I feel much more like my “normal” sick self, now that we have been here a few days and the affect of the elevation of flying have worn off. I feel a bit sluggish, like I’m dragging myself along the bottom of a river with each step.

hot pink & lime green
monet’s garden

Something I am enjoying a lot of lately that doesn’t involve a lot of energy on my part is knitting. I have knit several PICC line armbands since I have been here, and they are already up on my Etsy Shop. At this rate I am going to run out of yarn before we get home! Whatever will I do? ­čśŤ

My big cuz also helped me out with a rad impromptu photo-shoot for my latest PICC line armbands!

wonder-woman! showing off the Tahitian sunset armband

Another Chapter

Today I had so much fun! Amy and I went to Starbucks and Chapters and we just looked at all the really awesome books and drooled, essentially. I had ice tea and a lemon loaf piece (yum!). All the books that I have been waiting for for like a year, are already out in paperback, all the authors I love have put out a few more books, and the bestsellers are completely random books I’ve never heard of.

It’s strange missing a year.

PS: Vanity Fair knows more about Lyme than my 8 specialists did. Please check out this fantastic article!

We’re Busy Here!!

OH today was so much fun! We worked on the dress A LOT and stitched pieces together, which was very exciting, but I was worried that I was going to stitch my fingers into the cloth and stain the pretty blue fabric. It was hard work, but it is very rewarding making something yourself, making something with your own hands, and the help of a machine. We finished the bodice part and just have to do the bottom part and we’d be set.

I also just shucked some peas and now my hands uber hurt…how pathetic, I know.

The lake is the most beautiful shade of gray today, its reflecting the almost-dusk-or-sunset gray of the clouds, and the pink lining of the clouds (so much for silver lining, hey?). I wish I could get down to the lake, to touch the water and dip my toes in it with my big cousin Amy (oh she is just wonderful with me…she wants to be a nurse and I know she will be fantastic- love you babe!!) when its hot outside and we could laugh and just be girls, and not have that big work SICK sitting in between us. That word takes up so much space in my life…it’s there whenever I ‘mock-hug’ someone, or get up and hold their arm, or do anything really.

Oh, did I mention it totally pisses me off. I will seek revenge on this disease in the only way we’ve figured out…

OH Blahblahblah

Amy and I went to Chapters and Starbucks the other day. It was so much fun! We had lattes together and then hit the shelves running (no, really, shes a good driver!). We were good little girls too and didn’t buy any books. It rained like crazy on the way there, like I’m talking wipers-on-full-blast-and-still-cant-see-shit-and-cant-hear-the-person-in-the-drivers-seat loud and wet. Just ridiculous.

Yesterday, we came back from ‘up’ Ontario, in some small town. We drove like 4 or 5 hours (each way may I add) and stayed overnight in the only hotel in the village. We were there to take in the scenery and recharge. (HA! OMG I know you almost believed me!!). Actually I was lying and we were there to see a doctor (I know…just shaking it up a bit! Life gets so predictable sometimes!). He was nice and┬áminimally┬ápoked and prodded, which instantly makes him a good doctor! We went to a ‘Crabby Joe’s’ for dinner (for you West Coaster, its like a White Spot) and someone my aunt and mom when to school with (grade 7 thought 12) was there with her husband, and they hadn’t seen her in like forever, so they joined our table and had dinner together. They were really nice, Nancy and Bret, and super friendly and all.┬á
I am super tired. Today Amy and I went to Stitches at the mall and I bought pants which is tres exciting because I have 2 pairs of pants to my name and I wear them ALL THE TIME so they can never get washed (well not actually. I do wash them. Only I don’t like to really because then I can’t wear them. Its a big dilemma really). We went in a whole bunch of other shoppes (oh the British spellings make me laugh) and had fun! My joints hurt so much today, especially my knees, elbows and fingers, so typing this really hurts. I also feel super┬ánauseous, which for all my pain handling strength, I have zero┬átolerance┬áfor nausea. Alas! I guess I haven’t been nauseous long enough haha.┬á
It was so sunny today. And it still is light out even at 7:30. I’d like to go outside, but I can see this HUGE swarm of icky bugs outside and I don’t like bugs. Eww bugs.┬á
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