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For sanity’s sake, I cannot consider the changing year of our Gregorian calendar of much importance. If I pause to contemplate where two-and-a-half years of my life have disappeared to, I would mentally skid to a very abrupt, and painful halt. I’d rather make a big deal of New Years when I can have my champagne (not Pellegrino) and drink it too.

The sun sets on the ferry’s in the downtown inner harbor (Parliament Building to far Left)

All in all, the first day of the second decade of the second millennium went exceptionally well. People say that the way you spend the first days of the new year reflect on how the new year will be. That is absolutely ridiculous…every day should be lived as though it is the day, wonderful and fresh and free of mistakes in the morning, yet today’s actions will be tomorrows memories and consequences.

One of my goods friends from GNS, Roy, is staying with us, which is really nice. It is strange to think of all my friends living so far away, but wonderful to have them closer, even if its only for a few weeks. It was a beautiful day, where the clouds are streaked across the sky, the sun peaking between the slits in the sky. Pristine, and refreshingly cold. I was bundled up in true Canadian spirit.

War memorial at dusk

It was nice to just be downtown. I used to explore all over our wonderful capital frequently; admiring the views, meeting friends, checking out places, and just breathing in the crisp air. The city core has a wonderful feel. If you head away from the water, the amount of tourists who wander there become less and less, and you can discover the ‘real’ city. A major part of our industry is tourism, so there is a nice, marked up district, where there is an abundance of maple-leaf emblazoned items for sale, maple syrup, and mini native totem poles.
We ended up for a snack a small place in China town (fondly known as ‘China Block’, and a much more accurate name).  Good food!
Another day in beautiful BC.

Festive trees in Bastion Square

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