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Sidney by the Sea

Today was long, but all together very wonderful, especially as it took place in Sidney by the Sea. I’m staying with the Keais, a GNS family, who have been so wonderful and friendly (and listen to awesome music!).

I went to meet with a really good friend for coffee, and her boyfriend who is visiting from Mexico, Dobby, and Juan Lucio. They were so chill and upbeat, and it was so wonderful to see them both, and we talked (in Spanish…such a challenge!). I had so much fun, I laughed more than I had in awhile.

Tonight, I went out for dinner with the Family at ‘Fish on 5th’ which was fun! I love fish! They only have a short memory, like me! I’m very sympathetic towards fishies these days.

It feels strange to be here, like its someone elses life that I’ve walked into, where it all feels like a dream, and as though I am underwater looking up at the surface, waiting.


Today was okay I guess. I’m feeling super weird, like majorly high, only I’m not (just to clarify). Everything is absurdly funny in a really creepy way and it seems to take an age for thoughts to reach me. its like I’m in this tunnel at the far end and the rest of the world is at the other, and the words all get jumbled up on their flight to me. 

I have 3 fish, I don’t know if I mentioned them or not, but there sitting up next to me so I thought they should be mentioned. I think I’ve had them for awhile, a few months at the least. Their names are Oscar (de la Renta), Versace, and Yves, after some of my favorite designers…I must have been feeling imaginative lol! 
We went to Costco on a drug run (woo!) and Trader Joe’s (or as it says on their ‘Italian Pasta Sauce’ label : Trader Giotti’s) and got some essential yummies. The people who work there have been really nice, and it was nice to say goodbye. One of the men gave me a bouquet of flowers: bright orange gerber daisy (my grandpa fav!), classic iris, and a yellow lilly. A collection of the prettiest flowers!
I’m going to Amity high school tomorrow (aparently.) to talk to some people about Lyme which should be fun and scary. Not sure which more. 
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