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The Jazz Night

It used to be the coolest thing to sing at Herman’s. It has the feel of a real Jazz Club; posters of the shows of the famous people who have played there (imgaine seeing a late-night show of Wynton Marsalis solo), cramped room, tiny stage. Last night it was particularly crowded, as the Vocal Jazz Ensemble and the Senior and Middle School Jazz bands were there, with special guests the Barbra Blair group. It was ‘cozily’ crowded, and of course I hit practically ever chair leg and got caught in ever handbag as I rolled painstakingly slow through the crowd. I hate crowds. They make me so anxious, because it is mathematically impossible that someone will NOT hit me, and because of the noise, which makes my head oddly blank, yet confused.

The show was so much fun though, but I couldn’t really hear anything because I was all the way at the back, and in the outside corridor. I couldn’t see anything, because I am the shortest one, so I just tried not to think too much and be at one with the chaos. 

We had a great lineup and energy! Such awesomeness! I’m so proud of our group…we gave it our all!

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