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Rest & Recharge at the Lake

sunset on the lake

The sound of nothing couldn’t feel better than after spending so long in Ottawa. We’re at my Aunt and Uncle house on the lake, where it is so peaceful and calm. My Gramma is here too, so it’s one big family gathering.  It’s been forever (like…20 years? that’s forever for me.), since Gramma has been to the lake, which was very special :).

the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence

The drive to the Lake is about 4 hours or so, but it’s a beautiful trip once you get out of the city and into the countryside. Leafy green forest, lakes, fields, farms, and every now and again a small town. You know you’re getting close though, when you pass this beautiful field of horses. It’s so picturesquely pastoral, like they just jumped out of a post card, Mary Poppin’s style. We had a very relaxing time. We did go to the Loch with Gramma and my Mum, a place I have vague memories of from when I was about 4. I remember they being ginormous, which I guess is because I was a smaller person then ;). The sky was a perfect blue with cotton-ball fluffy clouds, which reflected so magnificently into the still waters.

the lochs on a clear day

We went on a long walk in the bustling metropolis of Lakefield :P. So many amazing lakes in this area (it’s called the lake district after all!). We even lucked upon a paved path, so it was easy for me too! I really really wanted to go swimming, and it was probably warm enough, but I’m kind of worn out after Ottawa. I’m going to need a long time to recover. I’m not as exhausted as I thought I would be though, which is the best kind of surprise!

I think we discovered a new mutant squirrel, which looks just like it was dipped in bleach. Hard to believe it’s real, but seriously, this wee half-blonde squirrel looks like it had a bad dye job!

mutant squirrel!
the twins!

We’re Busy Here!!

OH today was so much fun! We worked on the dress A LOT and stitched pieces together, which was very exciting, but I was worried that I was going to stitch my fingers into the cloth and stain the pretty blue fabric. It was hard work, but it is very rewarding making something yourself, making something with your own hands, and the help of a machine. We finished the bodice part and just have to do the bottom part and we’d be set.

I also just shucked some peas and now my hands uber hurt…how pathetic, I know.

The lake is the most beautiful shade of gray today, its reflecting the almost-dusk-or-sunset gray of the clouds, and the pink lining of the clouds (so much for silver lining, hey?). I wish I could get down to the lake, to touch the water and dip my toes in it with my big cousin Amy (oh she is just wonderful with me…she wants to be a nurse and I know she will be fantastic- love you babe!!) when its hot outside and we could laugh and just be girls, and not have that big work SICK sitting in between us. That word takes up so much space in my life…it’s there whenever I ‘mock-hug’ someone, or get up and hold their arm, or do anything really.

Oh, did I mention it totally pisses me off. I will seek revenge on this disease in the only way we’ve figured out…

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