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Who Am I?

Its been busy, not in a rush-around-no-time-for-a-break, but busy for someone who’s done nothing for a good time longer than she cares to remember! I love it though, seeing everyone.

We go to the mall sometimes with friends…just look at stuff, laugh, be girls. We try on makeup in the department stores, and spray perfume at the Body Shop, but it doesn’t feel like it used to, hanging out.
I went to the park with one of my bestest friendS, and we took pictures and just chilled. It was so sunny, and we took beautiful pictures of Beacon Hill park, especially random ducks, and water scenes.
Went to a movie one night with a group of people, it was nice only I sat through the whole two and a half hours wondering:
A. where I was
B. who I was with
C. when can I get some more water or snacks!
D. where am I?
E. who is THAT actor?

and probably repeating those questions in my head over and over again. Very tedious.
I like going for tea, and just relaxing with some good quality caffine to keep me going. Or chocolate…that always helps.
They all seem so different. Their faces look older, they’re taller, bolder, louder than I remember. But then I remember they ARE older, which is very strange.

I’m different too. I guess through them, noticing how they’ve changed, I can appreciate how I am different too. I guess I’m too sick to see that I’m growing up too. I wish I didn’t have to miss the “best years of my life”, yet still live through them, if that makes sense. I guess I just want my old life back.

Who am I? Sometimes I wonder if I still know.

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