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Seattle: Take 2

We were in Seattle for a few days, seeing (another) one of my Lyme doctors, which is always a treat *rolls eyes*. Dr. Marra is so wonderful, she has helped me so much over the past year, above and beyond her ‘call of duty’, and then some. Its nice to know that there is still enough compassion in the world to make it go round.

We took the Victoria Clipper across, which is a pretty trip! They were so helpful too! Wow, totally impressed! I was so tired though, travelling is difficult. I guess its having to see all that stuff, get up and down, go over bumps, the waiting, and dealing with all the stares as I pass people. It makes me kind of hurt, and embarrassed sometimes, but I suppose they are just curious, just as I would be if I saw a healthy looking young girl passing by me in a wheelchair. I smile at them, to let them know in that gesture that, yes, I see them looking, and its okay because I’m used to it, so instead of glaring at you (as I would sometimes LOVE to do), I smile in an act of diplomacy and honesty. I smile to make me feel more normal.

I was freaked out to go to Seattle, because last time I went to Seattle to see a Lyme doctor for a few days, I ended up being more than a year away from home, and sick as hell for all that time. A part of me wondered if it wouldn’t be like that again. *Spoiler Alert* I made it back in one piece, and on the right day.

It went well. We switched up some drugs, we did a little of the ‘so-how-are-you-feeling-now’ stuff (eww) and so on. I’m doing a little better than a year ago, but only a tiny little bit. Let me say that I don’t notice these ‘improvements’. I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer for that!

Wake Up Call

Like it is totally not cool when you have to wake up to the sweet serenade of a fire alarm. I mean NOT COOL! Okay, so it’s 4:30 and basically I just turned out the light when the damn thing starts squawking. I swear it is like a bazillion decibels above the legal limit. Of course I screamed loud as hell, but it was SO loud I couldn’t hear my scream, which obviously means it was KILLER loud. Did I mention it is about 23 F ( -5 C) out there!? I mean that is the point that blood freezes in the veins right? Maybe just my veins. So we pack on clothes and join the sleepy exodus from building 5. Just how I love to start the morning right? 

As far as I know, a false alarm. I think the building inhabitants have put a high price on the head of the idiot who pulled/triggered the alarm. Its not the first time this has happened either. 
The Tagaderm (I think its called that, and it basically is a clear band-aid) over my PICC line chose this morning of all mornings to act up. It basically came off my arm and exposed the puncture wound (I’ve decided its high time to call it what it is). So we packed off to get the dressing changed. Then library, bank. Blahblahblah
People STILL stare at me. To me it looks like there eyes are saying “OMG there goes the last 3 headed girl alive. You’ll never see one of those again. Especially the kind with purple teeth and teal pupils and six toes.” Seriously, they could stare a little harder. It’s kinda starting to piss me off. 
And people who park in wheelchair parking spot who like could be football players, or ganstas, or just regular lazy asses. On the wheelchair spot sign it says that they prosecute people who don’t have a sticker. Lies. The States could rescue the stock markets several times over with the parking fees collected on people who illegally park in those spots. If they were fined. Even the bloody postal worker was parked in the wheelchair spot. He was filling the mail slots in the doctors office building. I kindly inquired as to if he was disabled. And he kindly said he’d move his truck. “Oh sorry.” 
And they think that covers the world. 
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