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Jolly Good!

Today was a super super busy day! First off…its my mama’s birthday and my aunties (they are twins!). Of course, being the wonderful daughter and niece that I am, I completely forgot that it was the 10 of June. In my defense, I have very little use for a calendar in my day to day life…what use is it knowing the day, if it is so jarring to find out! We had a lovely birthday dinner for Mum though, which was nice, and cake. I gave her my grad picture (how modest, I know :P), with the inscription: Hell froze.

Today was also my grad luncheon at the Union Club downtown. It is like the last time we are all together and having fun outside of school stuff for awhile, besides exams and grad, and prom. But still, one of the last! We had a wonderful buffet lunch, and just got to have a laugh. As our goodbye gifts, and as our initiation into the GNS Alumnus, we were given pewter tankards with the GNS crest, and our Alumni pin, also emblazoned with our symbol! Tres cool. It officially makes me a grad, and means that my life is, yet again, moving off in another direction. Soon I will be pushing off from shore, and sailing…where?…who knows?

As if the day couldn’t get any more exciting, I finally finished my sweater and its beautiful! Its sort of a dark periwinkle color, and just Knit/Purl – very simple – but I did it all myself, and it turned out!

Unfortunately, not the most attractive picture. In part, because its like 2 in the morning, I’m in a bathroom, and I’m trying desperately to hold myself up!

Stitch With It

I have had, like, the most productive day of life today. For the past week, I have been diligently knitting a sweater, just a basic Stockinette stitch pull-over, but today finally came to terms with the fact that my size ‘medium’ sweater had somehow morphed into a 1x Large. Not cool. The middle was going to be about double the size. So, having almost finished the back of the sweater, I took it ALL OUT! Thats right, all of those rows!! 97 stitches PER ROW. It took me 23 minutes…I made a video so in case I come to my senses later, I can only blame myself, and have proof.

The sweater was/will-be-again a color LionBrand calls ‘Violet’, but which is no where near close. I would call it a deep, periwinkle blue-y-purple-y color, a name fit for Crayola.

I can barely feel my hands, they are so tired from pulling out yarn. I am still grieving over my exsweater.  It  is/was a project I was working on for my Textiles course through SIDES. We (Lisa, my EA and I) just finished making a fuzzy felted pillow! It is beautiful! Next we are going to work on a skirt…I think it will be just beautiful!

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