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Infinity out to Sea

picking between better and be

A few nights ago we happened upon the best little taqueira in Laguna beach, possibly that I’ve ever eaten. I had a salad last time, which was amazing, but didn’t quite showcase ‘Taco Loco’s’ specialties as much as…well…their tacos. It was a vegan paradise, with blackened tofu, potato, or mushroom, and phish tacos. Don’t worry, I plan on trying them all, and I made a decent effort of it today. Fresh, chunky guacamole and salsa, blue-corn tacos. It was pure bliss. The best taco I have ever had. No question.

After that deliciousness, nothing could be better than eating Taco Loco’s vegan desserts (oh you heard me) at the beach. Chocolate chip cookies and hemp brownies. They were okay, but the fact that they made the effort to serve all vegan desserts is pretty rad.

Mother nature planned an even more awesome finale to the day; the sunset. Have you ever seen an ugly sunset? Each sunset reminds me of the importance of nature, and that every and any sacrifice is worth it to protect it. I miss all of the forests of home, the lush greens, the crystal clear skies and waters. When the half-light glances off of a bare California Coastal beach, you can almost forget that this state has way more licensed drivers than the population of Canada. Or that the orange glow of the dying sun is masking the smudge of taupe pollution just at the edge of the cloud cover. Gone are the 16 lane freeways and cities of strip-malls. Nature isn’t fighting for its place in the concrete desert. All that exists is the coastline, and you when you look straight out to sea, you can’t see a damn thing. It’s beautiful. With this view as my inspiration, I feel as though I can reconstruct in my mind this continent, 350 years ago.

Combining my love of the dreamy music of Satie and the enchanted sunset, I put together this little slideshow, complete with authentic movies of a wave on a beach in California!

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