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OH Canada!

It has been a long and painful two days. I’m so very tired in my bones. I feel I could sleep for a millennium if only they gave a bit more sleep meds haa!

We started our journey around lunch time (or breakfast for me!) and drove up the map (so north right?) to Hyde Park, New York for about 2 hours or so to see my Lyme doctor, Dr. Horowitz…well actually we saw his PA I think. He was nice,  but we had to wait an hour to see him…which was totally not cool. We also had a 3.3 hour drive ahead of us, so we were eager to get going so we could arrive in Syracuse, New York before nightfall. We just ‘reviewed’ me and ‘reassessed’ my symptoms and drugs ect. Fun fun fun I know! It was suggested that I inject myself with a needled in the leg and shoot myself full of B12, which sounds like almost too much fun to handle. So much fun in fact that I may be willing to put off the surprise so that it will be even more exciting later! Joy of all joys.
We had Thai food (oh my fav of course!) for lunch, in the same city where Vassar is! It was delicious and nutritious.
Thennnnnn we hopped back in the car and proceeded on to our hotel in Syracuse, New York. I tried plugging the address of the hotel into our GPS, and (just my luck), it was not in there. We had some Google Map instructions to go by, and task of ‘navigatrice‘ fell to me. I’d like to stress the fact that I’m on enough meds that even the smallest tasks (brushing my teeth, telling a joke, spreading butter on toast ect) are quite the challenge, and if I have to talk or focus for an extended period of time, I completely lose focus and fly off to La-La Land (oh yes I’ve been there aaannnnd its a real place. If you’re on enough drugs :D) and if I manage to be yanked back to Earth, I forget where I was or what I was doing. So you can only imagine the fun I was having trying to remember to read a map and not think about such things as ‘OMG that grass is such a nice Paradaish green’ and ‘oh another sign! oh this is just too cool! if i were playing bingo I’d have a bingo already!’ or singing ‘we’re going to the circus, the circus, the circus. We’re going to the circus a happy we will go’ or songs like ‘Mambo Gelato‘, a personal favorite get-stuck-in-your-head-fast song. There were ALOT of turns to remember to make. Or to talk about making actually. Needless to say, I had to sing Mambo Gelato quietly, and only on the 129 mile stretches (oh yes there were!). 
I think Google Maps might need a new robot who has a bit more skill and basic knowledge than the one they are currently using, because Google took on a wild goose chase through the country side, and even though it couldn’t have been more than like 20-25 miles, it took well over an hour, perhaps more. I know…crazy. We reached the freeway as it was getting dark which is absolutely perfect for navigating of course. I think I did a stellar job, all in all, especially if you saw how many patches of grass, pieces of litter and road signs tried to distract me. 
We stayed overnight in a Candlewood Suites (who? yah, never heard of them either) which turned out to be like a really nice hotel (and not like crazy costly like a Hilton or something). They had nice smelling soap, which is such a bonus, because I don’t appreciate smelling like a HoJo Creamsicle after a shower…gross. The towels were ridiculously soft. And the bed was pillow-top. I had the best sleep I’ve had in years. But it also could have been the fact that we arrived at the hotel at about 12 o’clock in the AM, and I’d been up and going since 12 PM and working hard navigating and answering doctors questions. And so ends day one.
On the second day, I rode with Phil (that’s my uncle!) the rest of the way. Its about a 4 hour drive, which passed quickly with lots of music and breaks. My aunt and uncle helped us pack up all our stuff and take it to their cottage, which is where I am now! We arrived late yesterday. I’m sitting on their screened in deck (the joys of mosquitoes I must discover later for myself) with the lake just a few hundred feet away. Its so serene! I’m so happy that they are letting me stay in such a beautiful place! Its so nice to be with family, especially family as wonderful as they are! Thank you guys so much! 
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