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All in a Days Work

The last few days have been kinda crazy, and I’ve been in alot of pain (nothing new). Nancy and Phil are visiting from Ontario which is totally awesome! We’re going to play Password (that old game!) in a bit!

The second night of “Rent” was, if possible, even better than the first! It was really ’emotionally charged’ because it was their last night and all. I totally loved it!! One of the cast members gave me a picture of the whole “Rent” cast annnnnddd it was signed (OMG!!) by all of the cast! It is so amazing!! In a few years, I can say ‘Oh I have so-and-so’s autograph from when they were in high school’ and it will be worth so much! And that’ll probably prove true! They are so unbelievably talented! Sigh, I wish I could see “Rent” again.
Went to a screening of ‘Under Our Skin’ at Quinnipiac University (wow! what a name hunh? I think it’s native probably!), which is about 10 minutes away from here. The movie is all about Lyme Disease and I would totally encourage all of you to see it, not just because its about Lyme and if you don’t know about it, it may come back and bite you (no pun intended!), but also it is a fantastically done film! It follows a number of people battling Lyme, and covers the controversy and new research, as well as other aspects of the topic. The girl who put on the showing, Monica also has Lyme disease and was super nice! She has a PICC line too, incidentally! She’s really interesting and really knows her facts! Quite impressive!
Today was okay. Went to the library for a bit and then came home. Basically. Its kinda dismal out there, all rainy and  cloudy and dark! Ah well. The sun will come out tomorrow right? HA!
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